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Collectively Driven, Transparently Traded

Every bean has a story.

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We are a Peruvian independent company that exports socially responsible green coffee and cacao beans, directly ensuring the quality and transparency in every step of the process.

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  • We know our beans, we defend them, and we rigorously guard traceability of every one of them, for both producer and buyer. Transparency is permanent.
  • Buying directly from origin seems difficult and risky. We have the expertise and experience to ensure friendly logistics, flexible and consistent.
  • Ethic trade would be impossible without knowledge shared to producers; thus, workshops are a constant must. We guarantee trade as direct as possible.
  • As years go by, we were able to create a collective. From Madre de Dios to Cajamarca, from the deep jungle to the dry forest, we link small producers from Peru to the world.

From the further Peruvian north to the deepest southern Andes, from delicious washed to exotic honeys, you can pick em all!

Grano de Café


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A chemical miracle in the palm of your hand. Force, sweetness, braveness, all in one of the oldest cultives from ancient Peru.

Grano de Cacao


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